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My Top 10 Wellness Practices for Navigating Change and Uncertainty

Updated: Nov 30, 2020

If there is ever a time to tend to our wellness now is the time.

With our lives in a constant state of flux and uncertainty at the moment, I've been finding myself on edge, my nervous system heightened, and my anxiety radar more alert.

Can you relate?

If so, this is for you!

It got me thinking, what wellness practices am I doing that help me to navigate uncertainty, calm my anxiety, bring myself into a state of ease and re-alignment?

Being in uncertainty, and for some fear and panic is taxing to our nervous system and state of mind.

How we feel, what we need and what we are doing with our time each day is constantly changing. Whether that be working from home or in the office, working out in the gym versus at home. And, so do the wellness practices we need to be doing for ourselves each day in order to feel well, aligned, and inflow.

So, I've gathered my top 10 go-to wellness practices that I still use and have used in the past to navigate the murky waters of change and uncertainty. The trick is to move between them depending on what you feel you need each day or even each moment as the landscape of our lives shifts and changes.