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My Top 10 Wellness Practices for Navigating Change and Uncertainty

Updated: Nov 30, 2020

If there is ever a time to tend to our wellness now is the time.

With our lives in a constant state of flux and uncertainty at the moment, I've been finding myself on edge, my nervous system heightened, and my anxiety radar more alert.

Can you relate?

If so, this is for you!

It got me thinking, what wellness practices am I doing that help me to navigate uncertainty, calm my anxiety, bring myself into a state of ease and re-alignment?

Being in uncertainty, and for some fear and panic is taxing to our nervous system and state of mind.

How we feel, what we need and what we are doing with our time each day is constantly changing. Whether that be working from home or in the office, working out in the gym versus at home. And, so do the wellness practices we need to be doing for ourselves each day in order to feel well, aligned, and inflow.

So, I've gathered my top 10 go-to wellness practices that I still use and have used in the past to navigate the murky waters of change and uncertainty. The trick is to move between them depending on what you feel you need each day or even each moment as the landscape of our lives shifts and changes.

Wellness Practices for everybody!

I call these #wellnesspractices because the bottom line is that we are all human and staying committed and on target with our health and wellness is a practice. With our busy lives and spending so much time focussing on being productive and getting things done, it's easy to get distracted or lose motivation. Particularly, at the moment with the current state of the world (COVID) I've noticed clients revert to behaviors that provide a sense of comfort. The problem here is that often these habits lead us further away from our desired goal whatever that might be.

A #practice is something that you aim for. It means that you know at times, life is going to pull you in all kinds of directions. That's where the practice comes in. The practice is bringing the #mindfullness into the picture and coming back to what you know is good for you. It's about giving yourself what you need even when you don't want to. And, trying to do it with #awareness. Bringing love and compassion to yourself as you recognise that perhaps you've fallen off the wagon and reverted to habits that take you away from your desired goal.

Being a health professional and being super, uber, duper, passionate about health and wellness I have learned over the years through study and personal experience the many benefits of #wellnesspractices.

It's my past experiences of being 'unwell' and feeling 'out of control' with my life that really drive my continued passion and daily commitment to these practices. I know now, how I feel when I am not doing these practices and it's not great. I also know how good I feel when I am doing them and so it becomes easier to re-engage when I fall off the wagon. These practices invigorate, inspire, uplift, and revitalize my body!

Practice 1: Eat a variety of food combinations

This #wellnesspractice may not come as a surprise. We already know from research the benefits of eating a variety of healthy foods. I'm not here to harp on about that. But, I am here to share with you that the benefits are huge.

My principle is simple: We are what we eat! Eat Junk = feel like junk. Eat Healthy = feel healthy.

Eat healthy foods that combine a range of different colours, textures, and flavours. This way, you get the nutrition you need without becoming bored with what you are eating.

You may be less likely to want junk food if you have satisfied the desire for variety and new food combinations with healthy choices.

I start every day with a green smoothie. I pack it with a punch and cram in as many veggies and fruits as I can. Click here for my Green Goddess Smoothie Recipe.

Practice 2: Self-Love

#Selflove is a really empowering tool any day of the week. Particularly, right now as we navigate change in uncertain times. Self-love helps build resilience, bring compassion, and self-kindness to difficult situations.

Self-love practices connect us with our body, bring a sense of ease, and relaxation. The benefits can be far-reaching including helping you gain perspective, shift, and reframe your current situation. It can help bring the lessons into the light, which can free you from whirling emotions or stuckness, and move you into a forward trajectory with new awareness, a sense of hope, and even new goals and a new direction.

3 ways to practice self-love:

  1. Journal: Free flow with your writing and let everything out onto the page until you feel empty and complete.

  2. Breath: Breath three deep breaths deep into your belly with your eyes closed and focus on feeling your feet connected to the ground.

  3. Ask for help: Reach out to your support networks, friends, help hotlines. Speaking up for yourself when you are struggling takes courage and is the greatest act of self-love.

Practice 3: Meditation

Have you ever experienced the monkey mind? Meditation is the practice of watching the monkey mind. It's about learning to gain control of which thoughts you follow. It's not about controlling the thoughts you do have. It's simply about choosing which ones you believe. This practice is helpful to identify which thoughts are real or perceived. Combining that with focussed attention on the breath can calm the mind, bring us into the present moment, and offer a sense of comfort and release.

Practice 4: Journaling

When #journalling, you sometimes write down things that you wouldn't normally say out loud or tell someone in conversation. You are free to write without judgment or restrictions and have complete freedom to #write whatever you want. That's the powerful thing about journaling, there is no obligation to show anyone or share it. It's possible that when you spend time writing you will discover things you wouldn't have known about yourself or discovered otherwise. Sometimes the simple act of writing it out can help your brain process it, change how you feel about it, and reframe it with a fresh understanding or perspective.

Journaling Practice: Download the FREE resource and start your #wellnesspractice today.

30 Journal Prompts & Affirmations

For self-Love, self-discovery and a spot of inspiration and rejuvenation

Practice 5: Do Nothing

#Wellnesspractice: Do nothing! No responsibilities, no tasks, no to-do lists. Do nothing and take a load off, of having to do something. Sometimes, we feel guilty when we do this. But, this can be the greatest weight off our shoulders. Especially, if you're someone always 'doing' something or finding that you 'need' to be doing something as a way coping. Even if it's only for 10 minutes. Remove the pressure of having to be someone, or do something for someone else and give your mind a break. #selflove

Practice 6: Exercise

Exercise as a #wellnesspractice for navigating change in uncertain times may not come as a surprise. Exercise keeps our body fit, healthy, and strong. A solid exercise routine can also help you to feel confident about yourself, improve your self-worth, and give you a sense of direction and purpose as you work towards achieving your fitness goals.

Practice 7: Yoga

No matter what I can almost guarantee you will feel better after a yoga class. The breath-movement combination takes you into a trance-like state and becomes a moving meditation. Each asana (posture) targets a different part of the body and nervous system, bringing you back into connection with your body, mind, and spirit. It's that simple really! If you're feeling worked up, unsure or in a spin, yoga will have you twisting and untwisting your worries away.

Practice 8: Reality Check

Every 3 months, commit to a self check-in. Ask your self these questions:

  • Where am I in relation to my goals?

  • Am I on track?

  • How am I feeling?

  • Is what I'm doing with my life still serving me?

  • What needs to go? What needs to stay?

  • What can I do about it?

Practice 9: Dance

Move your body. It doesn't matter how. If you're a well-practiced Yogi or a complete beginner moving your body will almost always bring a smile to your face. It also moves stagnant energy from your body, changes the energy, and shifts your attention to something else. Sometimes the simple shift of your focus, a good belly laugh, and doing something you wouldn't normally do is the best kind of medicine!

Check out my playlists over on Spotify to find the perfect playlist for your groove.

Practice 10: Goals and Aspirations

#Wellnesspractice 10 is about navigating change and uncertainty by creating new goals and aspirations. Redefine yourself with a new goal. Work towards something that is meaningful to you and flares your creativity. Creativity combined with purpose is unstoppable, especially when it has meaning. #Wellnesspracitce number 4 (journaling) will help you realign and redefine your goals.

Enjoy #Goddess and drop me a line with your favourite #wellnesspractice.

With Love and Fierce Feminine Fire

Liz xoxo

*Disclaimer: These wellness practices do not replace the advice of any medical practitioner. Please consult medical advice if you are unsure of anything in regards to your personal health and fitness.

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