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Female Dancer

1:1 Sessions 

Work with me - Moving Meditation Sessions

These sessions are about creating feelings of wellness and returning to your body through movement and rituals that nourish your entire being. 


It's about guiding women, just like you, to connect with their innate wisdom and inner power.

Movement becomes the remedy - nourishing the whole being and restoring balance by activating the parasympathetic nervous system through movement, meditation and breathing practices. 

I work with women who are ready to be empowered in their health & wellness and create a grounded, soul-driven, holistic life.

Female Dancer

Movement Sessions

You guessed it, movement is the foundation of these sessions. I work intuitively, tuning into your energy and what comes up during the session. This means no session is ever the same and is individual and unique to your needs.  

The intention of these sessions is to use movement as the tool to restore balance and harmony to your mind, body and soul. Movement becomes the remedy. During the session, we use movement to move from stuckness, tightness and overwhelm to more freedom, lightness and serenity. I draw from a variety of movement modalities including yoga, dance, exercise, functional and somatic movement.  Sessions can also include other embodiment practices such as mediation, breathwork, vocal work and self-care practices. 

I work holistically and my approach acknowledges that your health, wellness, lifestyle, spiritual & creative visions, and goals are all part of what makes you, you. It’s about acknowledging that all these parts of you contribute to you living your most healthy and abundant life. 

"Liz is a wonderful resource and support for women and is doing important work."

If you are searching for ways to come home and reconnect with yourself in a gentle yet empowering way then I encourage you to contact Liz and try her coaching."

– Katrina, Client

These sessions are especially potent if:

+ You are habitually carrying tension and tightness in your body and desire to move more freely with confidence.

+ Feeling like you are in a GO GO forward-moving energy, always pushing, striving and forcing, spending more time in            your head than you would like.

+ Curious about movement and eager to explore using movement as a tool for wellbeing. 

+ You deeply crave to connect to your intuition, doing life in a way that is genuinely unique to you.

+ You're ready to take action and be empowered in your health, wellness, lifestyle, spiritual and creative endeavours.

+ A thriving curiosity to learn and grow as a person and dedicated to your wellbeing.

+ You would like to be supported in a safe and non-judgemental environment. 

+ Feeling confused and lost, lacking direction and clarity and crave more purpose and fulfillment in your life.

How does it work?

You don't have to have any prior movement experience to experience the benefits of a moving meditation session. These sessions are for any woman who would like to use movement as the remedy to connect to their own center and create feelings of wellness in their mind, body and soul.  To make time for your moving meditation session simply click on the book now button below and follow the prompts to secure your session. Sessions go for 90 minute and are $90.00. 

What my clients are saying

"Liz was calm, patient and made helpful suggestions to facilitate our session."

Liz is such a natural, warm, articulate human being she put me at ease immediately. Liz took me on a journey that was both revealing and nurturing. I was challenged to seek my deepest truths but always supported by her skilled guidance and suggestions.


She was totally accepting and non-judgemental so that I could be as well.  She offered helpful practices that would allow me to continue to explore the boundaries and merging of my feminine and masculine energies.  I now understand better how to recognise and embrace these aspects of my whole self. 

– Katrina

"Liz has coached me at various stages over the last year, and this is the year that I really grew both personally and professionally."

Liz is a great leader and has a great way of putting me at ease, defining a safe, open space for me to be able to talk and share freely without fear of judgment. Throughout our coaching, Liz blended various tools and techniques to help me unlock my potential, she used her knowledge of health & wellness and used a very holistic approach which I loved and gained a lot out of the experience. I couldn’t recommend Liz highly enough to anyone who is considering hiring a coach, Liz is approachable, knowledgable professional, patient and encouraging. You won't regret it!

– Stacie

The FAQ's

Black and White Portrait of Woman with F

What does a moving meditation session look like?

No one session is the same. Each session is individual and unique based on your needs at the time. 

 A session might begin with a focus and grounding meditation followed by some gentle yoga before moving into some more free-flowing fluid movement practices all with the intention to move feelings of stress and overwhelm through the body. Followed by moving into some more rigorous movement to process some stuck frustration, before winding down into rest and relaxation. The session may include some breathing practices and some gentle vocal work as well as some sharing and journaling. 

How much support will I receive from you during moving meditation session?

I’ll be by your side as your facilitator, leading and guiding you throughout the session. Most of the time I am right there with you doing the practices alongside you. It's all about creating feelings of wellness and part of that is to let go, go with the flow and enjoy moving and let yourself be free. Sometimes we can do things that might feel silly or uncomfortable and that's ok too. Together we acknowledge and honor whatever your experience is in the moment.


You will be able to call or email before or after any session if you need to chat or have any questions. 

Yoga Practice

How do I know if this is right for me?

If you have a thriving curiosity to learn and grow as a person and you’re ready to take inspired action on your health, wellness, lifestyle, spiritual and creative endeavours than you’re in the right place. There is no need for you to have any experience in movement before you try one of these sessions, just a curiosity and desire to use movement as a tool for health and wellness.  

Do you have a refund policy?

 There is no refund available for one-off moving meditation sessions

I am committed to making this program as accessible as possible. If you’d like to discuss an extended payment plan please contact me. 

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