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Building Healthy Lifestyles: Spirituality and Health and Wellness

The next blog post in my Building Healthy Lifestyle series is about spirituality and how spirituality is linked to health and wellness.

The first thing I’d like to highlight before I dive in is that spirituality is so personal and unique to the individual, their background, cultural beliefs and the season of life they are in, and what they need their spirituality to represent at that moment in time. And so, it seems only fitting that I start this conversation by sharing a little about what spirituality is for me.

For me, spirituality is about my relationship with myself, my inner world, and how I express that outwardly through my creativity, my relationships, my work, my community, and my world. It’s about knowing my values and using those as a compass for decision-making. When I am living in alignment with these fundamentals, I feel alive, I have vitality and I can connect to the feeling in everything. I move with the flow, with ease and grace.

For a lot of people, spirituality is entwined and closely interlinked with health and wellness. Many people are turning to new-age spiritual practices to better their health, particularly their mental health.

This is particularly important in our current landscape with the world on the other side of Covid lockdowns and the intensity of the last few years. Mental health has become a big and important conversation and so it seems only fitting that we talk about all the ways that we can hack our mental health and wellbeing, spirituality being one of those ways.

Spirituality has grown in popularity over the last decade. With health, wellness and spirituality becoming a more common, well-known and go to way of becoming more in touch and connected with ourselves and the world around us.