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Building Healthy Lifestyles — Understanding You and Your Health and Wellbeing

Have you ever wondered what makes us healthy? And what makes for a healthy life?

Most of us assume that good health is only about eating nutritious food, engaging in regular exercise, a good work life balance and regular medical check ups. Although these things are important, there are many more facets that influence our health.

We tend to get distracted by social and mainstream media programs that focus narrowly on fad diets and weight loss or other quick fix approaches to achieve a stereotypical body image, rather than understanding the need for a more holistic approach to our health.

Good health and wellbeing plays an important role in our daily life. Without it, our quality of life is compromised.

Health and wellbeing is about having energy for the things we love, and feeling that we have a sense of purpose and connection. It’s about experiencing a state of being in alignment (body, mind, spirit). Not many of us experience this. Our lifestyles are causing us pain, maybe it’s that we are tired, stressed or overweight. We feel disconnected from others (community) or stuck in a routine that has no meaning. We are dissatisfied with our life and often live in a state of stress, worrying about something.

Our health is made of many facets including our physical health, relationships, community and the environment, emotional and spiritual health. There is an underlying interconnectedness between each of these. Developing an understanding how they are all interconnected provides a foundation for building and managing a healthy lifestyle throughout our lifespan. This determines our quality of life and our overall life expectancy.

By understanding what impacts our health we begin to increase control over and improve our health because we are equipped to make healthy choices. We become more conscious and aware of what is and isn’t so good for us. We gain confidence in our ability to make good choices for ourselves. We are empowered to live a life with meaning and not just merely exist.

Over the coming weeks, I will be releasing a series of articles that will share more on each of the many parts that make up a healthy balanced life.

One is not more important than the other. They all have equal value. Click on the link below for the first article.

Physical Health — Physical activity and fitness, diet and nutrition and sleep

What condition is your physical body in? How well do you take care of your physical body?

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