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BLOG: Live with Sensual Aliveness

Updated: Nov 11, 2022

Did you know that female health and wellness is not just about being physically fit and eating well?

Female health and wellness extends way beyond this.

How connected a woman is to her body or her feminine essence (sexuality) will play a key role in her level of vitality and aliveness she feels each day. This part of female health is not really ever discussed or spoken about. But, it's so important.

As a previously, numb and disembodied woman, I spent many years learning to connect and love my body. The practices I share with you are the very practices that have worked for me and many other women I've coached and mentored.

As women, there are many parts of our human experience that are connected to our sexuality and how we express and live this every day. For example, our menstrual cycle, having a baby, how much pleasure we experience, expressing emotions, relationships with other women and so much more. That's just the tip on the ice burg!

Our world pushes us into a state of constant doing, living from our head and to-do lists. It asks us to be productive and results focussed.

This cycle can force some women to shut away our “emotional”, “feeling”, “hormonal” and our “too much” nature – to the point we are living disconnected from our creative, free-flowing essence and sensitivity (Our feminine essence).

As a result, our bodies have become numb, stiff, and rigid, holding tension and tightness deep within our hearts and bodies. This way of living can hold us back from connecting to our creativity, our unique expression, and our way of being. It can hold us back from really knowing who we are.

Building a relationship with your body and your feminine essence (sexuality) can:

>> Improve vitality

>> Build confidence

>> Increase pleasure and sensitivity

>> Learn to set healthy boundaries

>> Get clarity

>> Feel a greater sense of purpose

>> Deepen your capacity to love and live with an open heart

>> Balance hormones

>> Create feelings of wellbeing

>> Increase physical activity levels without pushing or forcing

>> Reduce feelings of overwhelm

I get that connecting to your body might seem like a daunting and scary thing. You're not alone. It's not something we're ever taught about. Below are a few practices to help you begin. Keep reading for more info...

The thing with sexuality is that often we associate sexuality with the act of 'sex' or 'lovemaking' with another individual. I have found in my experience as a coach and working with women to connect with their bodies a more supportive way of approaching sexuality is by starting with the relationship to your own body. The three practices below are practices I use regularly, sometimes daily basis to check in with myself, de-stress, declutter my mind and prepare my body for the day or sleep.

Movement Practice:

A movement practice of any kind. A movement practice like yoga, tai chi or dancing. Set a clear intention before you begin the practice is to move the body freely, to follow what the body needs, rather than what your head or mind wants. It's about building a stronger connection to the sensations and feelings alive in your body.

Breathing and Sound Practice:

In yoga, breathing is a major part of the practice. The reason for this is that regulating your breathing has many benefits to your physical body. So many of us spend a lot of time slugged over a compute desk, this reduces the amount of oxygen we are receiving into the body. A dedicated breathing practice can bring feelings of vitality, calmness, centered. Combine the breathing with audible sounds and whola! You've hit the jackpot! For example, an audible 'ahhhhh' sound on your exhale can help relieve feelings of tension and help you to express yourself.

Self-Love, Self-Love, Self-Love

Practicing self-love can come in so many ways. There is no one-way fit's all method. Self-love is about giving yourself what you need rather than what you want. Sometimes that might look like some tough self-love and saying no to your cravings and yes to a hearty healthy dinner. Sometimes, that might look like a hot bath and some much needed you time. The best place to start is with a notebook and these questions;

>> What does self-love mean to you?

>> Where are you on your self-love journey?

>> What do you need to do to bring greater self-love into your life?

>> What are three things you can do this week to bring greater self-love into your life?

If you need some extra support, I'd love to connect with you.

With Love

Liz xoxo

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