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Beautiful Bird

Updated: Dec 29, 2022

On Friday 16 December 2022 my daughter Evelyn Rose will turn one. It marks one year of her life on earth and it marks one year of me being a mum. A milestone for us both.

As this milestone approaches, I've been reflecting on the last 12 months and some of the magical moments that I've experienced with my gorgeous bub. It feels only fitting to share some of these every day magical moments with you to celebrate 12 months of Evelyn and 12 months of being her mamma.

In the lead-up to Evelyn’s birth, I was trying ALL THE THINGS to bring on labour. And I mean ALL the things. Nothing was working. I was very late in my pregnancy and at this point very over due. Nevertheless, this bub was staying put.

At other times in my life, when I was approaching a life transition or going through something challenging I would turn to reiki to support me. It helps me to slow down. My nervous system relaxes and I feel held and supported. When I feel this way I can drop deep into meditation and listen intuitively. This was one of those times. I was soo tired and it had been a long and painful pregnancy. I was slowly realising that ALL the doing and trying no longer felt supportive. I needed to STOP. I needed to slow down and to tune in and listen.

I received the most gorgeous reiki session. It was in this reiki session that I had a vision.

I had a vision of a mother bird leaving earth and flying up into the sky. The mother bird continued to fly up, up and up. She flew as high as the space between earth and the spirit realm.

It was here that the mother bird was met with a little bird.

The mother bird intuitively knew she was there to guide the little bird on her journey.

And so, together they began the descent back down to earth. The mother bird swept the sky leading the way and the little bird was not far behind, trusting that the mother bird could guide her.

Together they journeyed from high in the sky to earth.

In the same meditation, I could feel and sense my daughter's spirit. She was a flower in spirit and her essence is that of a rose.

After I had this vision I looked up the meaning of her intended name ‘Evelyn’. The name ‘Evelyn’ is primarily a female name of English origin that means Beautiful Bird.

We chose the name because of its link to the lineage of women on my mum’s side of the family. We wanted her to feel supported by a strong feminine presence.

Shortly after Evelyn was born we moved house. Our new house sits high amongst the trees and has the most gorgeous thriving garden of flowers and roses.

The birds are endlessly flying around right outside our window. The magpies come and sit on the back step waiting for us to give them food. There are so many varieties of birds that fly into our garden.

Evelyn's favourite thing to do is watch the birds fly in the sky from our back window. She often sits at the back door watching the birds in the sky. She is absolutely obsessed with birds.

One of her first words was bird. She says 'bird' repeatedly.

Birds and flowers will forever remind me of Evelyn.

She loves to smell the roses and we will spend time endlessly walking around picking flowers for our house.

It's only since Evelyn has come into our life that we have spent so much time admiring birds and flowers. They have become an intimate part of our life.

I am forever grateful for these precious things.

Friday 16 December is one year with Evelyn Rose and her thriving spirit.

She is so wild and free. Her spirit is so alive and radiant.

She is my teacher. She reminds me every day to live connected to my own essence and spirit.


To my darling daughter, Happy Birthday. Birds and flowers will forever remind me of you. May you always know your innate essence and continue to live connected, wild and free.


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