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Hi, I'm Liz

I'm a Fierce Feminine Leader + Health and Wellness Coach. I am the face behind Embrace Your Feminine.  

I am here to guide you to embrace your full expression; to be your wild, sensual radiant self with confidence and grace. 

Liz Wensing



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ebook for sensual living

Love Her Wild

Your Guide to Living with Sensual Aliveness

The key to living with sensual aliveness is the connection we have with our body and our senses. This deep and intuitive connection to our body is freeing, liberating and awakens us to the pleasure sensations available to us. The body is the only tool that we have to feel and to experience all of life and feeling is the only way to experience the body. To live inside the body, by feeling the body fully. 

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30 Journal Prompts and Affirmations

For self-love, self-discovery, and a spot of inspiration and rejuvenation

In this guide you’ll receive: 

  • 30 journaling prompts for self-love and self-discovery

  • Practical tips to kick start your journaling practice

  • Guidance on how to make your way through this practice

  • Affirmations to inspire and encourage, in a print-friendly format to hang where you can see daily

  • Challenging questions to encourage you to be curious and contemplate

  • Journalling prompts for gratitude and inspiration

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