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30 Journal Prompts and Affirmations

For self-love, self-discovery, and a spot of inspiration and rejuvenation

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You'll Love these Playlists

Follow me on Spotify and find the perfect playlist for your home practice. Are you practicing yoga today? Or what about your primal feminine flow? Would you like to feel relaxed? 


There is music to invigorate the soul or music that will have you dancing your heart out all day long.

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Rising Women Leaders + Women I adore

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Emma Hyland, The AT Studio

Emma is a grounded, heart-centered and soul-aligned spirit junkie and long term friend. Emma, is dedicated to helping others to find a gentle, mindful and effective way of reducing tension and pain, and improving their experience of being in their body with Alexander Technique. Her clear sense of direction and purpose in life has been a solid and much needed support in my life. 

Try AT with Emma


Alana Arvinitis, The Self-Love Movement 

Goddess rising, soul sister and self-lover Alana, facilitates events, workshops and online programs to inspire, empower and support women and men with their devotion to Self-Love. Alana and I met during my time as the Ambassador of the Self-love Movement.  Together, we held heart-centered events for the women in Canberra, ACT.  Her devotion to self-love is her medicine in life, leadership and business. 

Attend one of Alana's events

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Justine Janssen, Remedy Yoga and Movement 

Friend, confidant, yoga mentor & wise woman Justine, is a believer in movement as an art form. I met Justine at the beginning of my yoga journey many years ago.  Justine's mentoring and friendship continues to be a guiding light in my life. Her medicine is weaving words and movement together to enable those around her to deeply embody physicality and philosophy. Crafting her classes in such a way that we all may find a sense of coming home to ourselves – in body, heart, mind, and spirit.

Connect with Justine 

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