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Wild Grace

An immersive course for women who desire deep living and sensual aliveness

March 2020 to June 2020

This program is a unique opportunity to blend spiritual heart-centred personal development with professional leadership strategies in a grounded embodied way.


Just imagine connecting with other like-minded women on a weekly basis. Having time to disconnect from the everyday stressors of life and connect into what really matters to you.


A supported space where you can release and activate, reveal and explore, nurture and restore, celebrate, and unfold your greatest potential. 


You’ll be connecting and bonding with a group of other heart-centred, soulful women, while immersing yourself in:

  • yoga & meditation

  • feminine embodiment practices 

  • women’s circles

  • movement & dance

You’ll also learn practical, powerful tools and techniques to achieve your goals and live with grater vitality and aliveness.


  • achieving your health and fitness goals

  • how to manifest your dreams into reality

  • the importance of practice and ritual in health and wellness

  • how to manage your inner critic and practice self-love daily


This program offers you an incredible opportunity to come together with other like-minded women over four months.  This program is about combining ancient practices of gathering in circle along with grounded and practical skills to allow you to take feminine leadership to a whole new level. 

This is for you if you are you ready to: 

  • Step away from fear, doubt, and uncertainty and into greater freedom, clarity and strength

  • Learn to connect with your own unique expression

  • Connect with your deep inner wisdom, and the future that is calling you forward

  • +Confidently navigate a path towards your truest and fullest potential

  • Navigate the unknown

  • Live infinitely connected to your creative life force energy

  • Voice your needs and how you feel

  • Live aligned with your visions and dreams



Highlights and what to expect: 

  • Four months of incredible content and community

  • Fortnightly women’s circles 

  • Fortnightly group coaching calls

  • Weekly content delivered straight to your inbox

  • Two private coaching sessions. Each session 2-hours in length

Coming in 2021

What this program covers: 


Feminine Leadership

We feel the world is calling on more women to step into their power, embrace their voice and develop their leadership at all levels – in relationships, in the community and in their professional lives. So many women around the globe are waking up to the power of heart-centred living.  We are moving into a time where who we are at home, work and in business no longer need to be separate.  The way we lead is changing.  This workshop is about the changes we need to make in ourselves to be instruments of change in the world. We will explore this through open-hearted conversation, skill building, group work and individual reflection time. 


Feminine and Masculine Philosophy

This workshop is focussed on understanding both the feminine and the masculine energy bodies and how these influence us on a daily basis.  We will explore both feminine and masculine energy, the shadow side of both, and how to balance and integrate them.  We’ll look at how to step more fully into the energetic power of feminine leadership and how this can improve our health and wellbeing and guide our life both personally and professionally.  


The Feminine Energy Centres

Now that we have a deeper understanding of the feminine and masculine energies within, we will take a closer look at the feminine energy centres of the heart and the womb. We’ll go through a series of practices to connect to both of these parts of ourselves and embrace and tap into the potency and the power of these energy centres as a path to greater fulfilment, nourishment and satisfaction in all areas of life. 


Facing Challenges in Everyday Life

The challenges that we lose sleep over and cause us stress and anxiety are often around when our buttons get pushed, managing relationships with loved ones or staff, or when we fear stepping up, when we don’t feel ready, or when we don’t feel experienced/knowledgeable/skilled enough. For women these fears often kick in around public speaking or leading and communicating with authority.  You’ll learn techniques for handling challenging conversations, including powerful non-verbal communication strategies, presentation skills, and how to understand the dynamics of conflict. 


Connecting with your Future Self 

Dealing with the voice of the inner critic – the inner ‘mean girl’ who speaks to you in a way you would never speak to someone you love – can be a constant challenge, particularly when you’re about to take a professional or personal leap of courage. We’ll connect you to your future self and your deep inner wisdom – the part of you that has the greatest clarity and insight. A technique you can use going forward to strengthen this connection each and every day. 


Embodied Practices to live with sensual aliveness

We will journey with movement and music to connect to our body and to our emerging feminine leadership journey – integrating and embodying a new way of being in the world. Our body is powerful. It is our temple, the place that our soul resides.  So often we hold tension, stress and anxiety in our body.  When we move we can release this tension and stress from our body, accessing greater states of freedom. With this freedom we connect to our life force energy, our creativity and find ways to express ourselves that are completely natural and unique to us.  Loving and joyfully connecting with our bodies brings a deeper connection with self, the divine and others. 


Yoga & Meditation

This practice is about beginning the day feeling expansive, compassionate and connected to the heart.  This class brings focus to yoga principles of alignment, breath and awareness. It’s about invigorating the body, to awaken stiff muscles and activate our energy centres so that we can begin the day ready, open, and grateful.  Suitable for beginners. 


Journaling and Reflecting

To embed new learnings and insights we will deepen the integration and grounding process through personal reflection and journaling. You’re free to follow your own path in whatever creative expression calls to you; including writing, drawing or painting. We will support you to safely explore your insights and revelations and develop an action plan to create change in a way that works for you. 

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