Self-love Circle

Self-Love Circle

Would you like to learn more about self-love whilst being supported in a group of other like-minded women? 

Join the mini four week self-love circle and ignite your self-love journey. 

Love Yourself

Self-love Circle 

When most people think about love, it’s usually a feeling that flows outwards towards someone or something ‘I love my mum’, I love being outside’, ‘I love my partner’, ‘I love chocolate’.


Check out this definition of self-love and see what you think?


Self-love is “a state of appreciation for oneself that grows from actions that support our physical, psychological, and spiritual growth”. It is about valuing yourself as a human being who is worthy of love and respect. - Khoshaba


  • Self-love means having a high regard for your own well-being and happiness.

  • Self-love means taking care of your own needs and not sacrificing your well-being to please others.

  • Self-love means knowing your worth and not settling for less than you deserve.


Self-Love is actually LOVE turned inward. And Love turned inwards becomes radical self-love.


Self-love is about prioritising your needs and cultivating a love that flows from the inside to the outside, rather than a love that comes from a feeling of obligation, guilt or expectation.


It’s really easy to give your power away, let others make your choices for you, or do things we don’t really want or need to do.  We can fall into patterns that aren’t good for our wellbeing or leave us feeling unhappy.

To feel a greater sense of self-love in your life, we first need to begin by cultivating a stronger sense of self-worth, self-efficacy, and self-confidence. In this mini four week self-love circle, you will be guided through a series of activities and journal prompts designed to help you do just that!

The Details


The mini four week self-love circle begins on Monday, March 15th and will run for four consecutive weeks. 

A different topic will be covered each week based on the group needs. Some of the topics will include how to build confidence and self-worth, discovering your values, how to love yourself even when you don't feel like you can. 

In addition to the weekly topic, sessions will include a combination of:

>> Focus Practices (traditional meditation techniques and modern mindfulness practices).

>> Journaling and Reflection.
>> Self-love Practices.
>> Group sharing and Discussion.


"Liz is a wonderful resource and support for women and is doing important work."

If you are searching for ways to come home and reconnect with yourself in a gentle yet empowering way then I encourage you to contact Liz and try her coaching."

– Katrina, Client

These sessions are especially potent if:

+ Would like to learn more about self-love.

+ Spend an hour a week dedicated to your self-love practice.

+ Would like to gain confidence and feel good in your body.

You would like to be supported in a safe and non-judgemental environment with like-minded women.

+ Learn how to begin your own self-love practices.

+ Gain greater clarity on who you are what you need.

+ Improve your mental health and wellbeing with mindfulness practices.

+ A thriving curiosity to learn and grow as a person and dedicated to your wellbeing.

These sessions aren’t for you if: 

+ You have no interest in personal growth, transformation or your wellbeing

+ You don’t want to put anything into practice, just after talking

+ You are looking for a counselling service or psychologist

+ You don’t have access to the internet or a computer

+ You’re not ready to make a commitment to yourself

How does it work?

The sessions begin on Monday March 15th 2021 at 6.30pm (AEDT). The session will run for approximately 1 hour. Sometimes sessions might go over slightly depending on the group's needs. Sessions are held online via zoom. A zoom link will be sent to you before the session begins. The price is $20.50 per session. The total for the four sessions is $82.00, to be paid in full prior to the first session starting. 

What my clients are saying

" Liz is a warm and enthusiastic coach. She clearly and patiently worked with me throughout our session."

I love the way she held space for both deep inner work and practical tips to help with my concerns. She combined the freedom and flow of women connecting on a deep spiritual level with the intention and purpose of setting concrete plans in place for me.


I feel confident that with her advice I can work on the underlying beliefs that hold me back and also take the next steps to my goals.  I felt super comfortable and able to express myself with Liz. Thanks for a session full of laughter and wonderful advice."

– Alysia

"Liz was calm, patient and made helpful suggestions to facilitate our session."

Liz is such a natural, warm, articulate human being she put me at ease immediately. Liz took me on a journey that was both revealing and nurturing. I was challenged to seek my deepest truths but always supported by her skilled guidance and suggestions.


She was totally accepting and non-judgemental so that I could be as well.  She offered helpful practices that would allow me to continue to explore the boundaries and merging of my feminine and masculine energies.  I now understand better how to recognise and embrace these aspects of my whole self. 

– Katrina

"Liz has coached me at various stages over the last year, and this is the year that I really grew both personally and professionally."

Liz is a great leader and has a great way of putting me at ease, defining a safe, open space for me to be able to talk and share freely without fear of judgment. Throughout our coaching, Liz blended various tools and techniques to help me unlock my potential, she used her knowledge of health & wellness and used a very holistic approach which I loved and gained a lot out of the experience. I couldn’t recommend Liz highly enough to anyone who is considering hiring a coach, Liz is approachable, knowledgable professional, patient and encouraging. You won't regret it!

– Stacie

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