Feminine Embodiment Coaching 


This is for women who desire deep living

For women who yearn to feel empowered

For women who want to live with radiance and sensual aliveness

For women who are ready to lead with their body rather than their head

For women who are ready to be the creator of their world

I work with modern women who are ready to embrace their feminine power and wisdom and create a grounded, soul-driven holistic life

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"If you want to give birth to your true self, you are going to have to dig deep down into that body of yours and let your soul howl”. - Gabrielle Roth

Work with me

Our world pushes us into a state of constant doing, living from our head and to-do lists. It asks us to be productive and results focussed.  Forcing us women to shut away our “emotional”, “feeling”, “hormonal” and our “too much” nature – to the point we are living disconnected from our creative, free flowing essence and sensitivity. 


This feminine essence remains buried deep within us. Our bodies have become numb, stiff and rigid, holding tension and tightness deep within our hearts and bodies. This way of living can hold us back from really knowing who we are. 


When we move our body, we open a gateway of communication which is ‘feeling’ and ‘sensation’ based. This deep and intuitive connection to our body provides insight into our personal experiences and lens on life. 


My approach is about connecting you to your feminine essence; the free flowing, feeling part of you and inhabiting it more fully in your body and life.  The body-soul connection provides a deeper understanding of yourself and your desires bringing you closer to a strong sense of direction and purpose in your life. 

It enables you to:

+ Feel your way forward, rather than pushing and forcing

+ Live with a greater sense of direction and purpose

+ Confidently navigate a path towards your truest and fullest potential

+ Navigate the unknown

+ Live infinitely connected to your creative life force energy

+ Voice your needs and how you feel

+ Live aligned with your visions and dreams


I work holistically and my approach acknowledges that your health & wellness, lifestyle, spiritual & creative visions and goals are all part of what makes you, you. It’s about acknowledging that all these parts of you contribute to you living your most aligned life. 

What does a 1:1 coaching session look like? 

Coaching sessions blend together yoga, meditation, journaling, reiki, movement, and more to help you discover the wisdom and perfect path forward that’s already there, within you. 


I draw on a wide range of modalities which together support the growth and transformation of your whole being.  


Sessions support you to become your own guide.  I am here to partner with you, not fix you.

Live deeply connected with your feminine essence and power

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Personal Training
Feminine Embodiment
Self-Love practices to fuel your life
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Self-Love Practices
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"Liz is a wonderful resource and support for women and is doing important work."

– Katrina, Client

If you are searching for ways to come home and reconnect with yourself in a gentle yet empowering way then I encourage you to contact Liz and try her coaching."

These sessions are especially potent if:

+ You are habitually carrying tension and tightness in your body and desire to move more freely with confidence

+ You're ready to take action and be empowered in your health + wellness, lifestyle, spiritual and creative endeavours

+ Feeling like you are in a GO GO forward-moving energy, always pushing, striving and forcing, spending more time in            your head than you would like

+ You deeply crave to connect to your intuition, doing life in a way that is genuinely unique to you

+ Feeling confused and lost, lacking direction and clarity and crave more purpose and fulfillment in your life

+ You would like to be supported in a safe, loving and non-judgemental space where you can explore and discover more        about yourself

+ A thriving curiosity to learn and grow as a person and dedicated to your wellbeing

+ You would like to develop a home-based practice dedicated to your wellbeing

+ You’re ready to take inspired action to reach your full potential

These sessions aren’t for you if: 

+ You have no interest in personal growth, transformation or your wellbeing

+ You don’t want to put anything into practice, just after talking

+ You are looking for a counselling service or psychologist

+ You don’t have access to the internet or a computer

+ You’re not ready to make a commitment to yourself

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It all begins right here

It’s time to know your inherent sense of self-worth and purpose. Connect deeply with your inner knowing, feel confident in your body & discover an unshakeable self-love from within.

What my clients are saying

" Liz is a warm and enthusiastic coach. She clearly and patiently worked with me throughout our session."

I love the way she held space for both deep inner work and practical tips to help with my concerns. She combined the freedom and flow of women connecting on a deep spiritual level with the intention and purpose of setting concrete plans in place for me.


I feel confident that with her advice I can work on the underlying beliefs that hold me back and also take the next steps to my goals.  I felt super comfortable and able to express myself with Liz. Thanks for a session full of laughter and wonderful advice."

– Alysia

"Liz was calm, patient and made helpful suggestions to facilitate our session."

Liz is such a natural, warm, articulate human being she put me at ease immediately. Liz took me on a journey that was both revealing and nurturing. I was challenged to seek my deepest truths but always supported by her skilled guidance and suggestions.


She was totally accepting and non-judgemental so that I could be as well.  She offered helpful practices that would allow me to continue to explore the boundaries and merging of my feminine and masculine energies.  I now understand better how to recognise and embrace these aspects of my whole self. 

– Katrina

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