Wild Woman Wellness

Wild Woman Wellness

A full year of support to focus on YOU and what you want...

Spend the entire year laser focussed on your health, wellness, lifestyle, spiritual and creative endeavors.


Whilst being supported in a safe and non-judgemental environment with like-minded women.

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Iyengar Yoga

You're ready to go all in on your health and wellness, but right now you're:

  • Lacking luster and vitality.

  • Carrying tension and tightness in your body.

  • Have a desire for more but don't know how to get there.

  • Feeling like you are in a GO GO forward-moving energy, always pushing, striving and forcing, spending more time in your head than you would like.

  • You have health, wellness and lifestyle goals in mind, but you're feeling stuck and don't have a clear direction. 

Personalised Health and Wellness 

Optimal health and wellness is achieved when we align our environment, body and spirit as one. Through an integrative approach, this program gives you the tools to begin your journey to a new you—the real you.

Find out more below.

The Program...

The program runs in cycles (just like our feminine nature). Each cycle includes an intensive week to spend laser focussed on you and your health, wellness and lifestyle.

What's inlcuded in a cycle:

  • Year - 12 months of ongoing coaching and support

  • Membership - 12 month membership to your ph360 profile

  • Introduction - 1 x 90 minute introduction session. 

  • Coaching - 1 x 45 minute coaching sessions (based on ph360 profile)

  • Exercise - 1 x 60 minute exercise prescription and coaching (based on ph360 profile)

  • Embody - 1 x 60 minute Yoga/mindfulness/embodiment sessions

  • Community - 1 x 60 minute group call

  • Support - Continuous access to private facebook group

Intake twice a year. Join the waitlist today. 

What is ph360 and personalised health?

ph360 is the first-ever lifestyle program in the form of an app that gives you customized, simple and practical insights for scientifically-proven health and happiness. ph360 is the world's leading platform in personalised health. 

The recommendations in ph360 are completely personalised for each individual's well-being, - like a User Manual for each person's body! ph360 changes as you do, providing up to date information when your health changes or the environment around you changes (location, weather etc.), to keep you in the best health.

Free Class

This program is for you if: 

+ You’re available and ready to commit to the dates outlined above.

+ You're looking for a personalised health, wellness and lifestyle program.

+ You’re ready for a full year of support to focus on you and want you want.

+ You're ready to take action and be empowered in your health, wellness, lifestyle, spiritual and creative endeavours.

+ A thriving curiosity to learn and grow as a person and dedicated to your wellbeing

+ You would like to be supported in a safe and non-judgemental environment with like-minded women.

+ You deeply crave to connect to your intuition, doing life in a way that is genuinely unique to you.

+ You’re ready to set goals and take inspired action.

+ You would like to develop a home-based practice dedicated to your wellbeing.

+ You are habitually carrying tension and tightness in your body and desire to move more freely with confidence.

This program isn't for you if: 

+ If you’re unable to commit to the dates outlined above

+ You’re not ready for a year of full support to work towards your desires.

+ You’re not invested in your health and wellbeing.

+ You don’t have access to the internet or a computer.

+  You are looking for a counseling service or psychologist and have experienced severe trauma.

The FAQ's 

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When does the program begin?

Our Journey together officially kicks off on the 16th Jan, 2021 & concludes on the 18th Dec, 2021.  The coaching sessions are bundled together at the beginning of each quarter. This is to set you up with a focus/goal for each quarter. The group coaching calls and private FB group will also support you throughout the year. 

How much support will I receive from you during the program?

I’ll be by your side as your coach, mentor and cheerleader. You will receive support through 1:1 coaching, group calls and a private Facebook group throughout the year. As well as email and text contact during business hours.

Yoga Practice

How do I know if this is right for me?

If you have a thriving curiosity to learn and grow as a person and you’re ready to take inspired action on your health, wellness, lifestyle, spiritual and creative endeavours than you’re in the right place. I created Wild Women Wellness for women who are ready to up-level their life and spend an entire year laser focussed on themselves and their desires.

What is PH360? 

The ph360 platform is designed to provide supportive information that will assist in the formation of healthy lifestyle behaviours that are appropriate and relevant to your health and circumstances. ph360 is a non-diagnostic tool that supports the clinical application of lifestyle medicine based on a phenotype assessment model, it does not replace advice given by medical specialists, allied health or the providers operating within their prescriptive scope of practice.

Are payment plans available?

Yes! You can pay $70.00 weekly or $300 monthly throughout the year. There is a $300 discount available when you pay in full ($3300.00). I am committed to making this program as accessible as possible. If you’d like to discuss an extended payment plan.

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Do you have a refund policy?

Wild Women Wellness is for women who are ready to go all in on their health and wellness. All sales are final and there will be no refunds once you register.

What if I can’t make one of the scheduled weeks?

Wild Woman Wellness is for women who are ready to commit and are available during the weeks listed above. Of course, if there are unavoidable circumstances then we can work out a new time for your coaching sessions.  The group coaching calls will be recorded and made available after the call.

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What's included in each 'round' of the program?

1 x 30 min coaching (using ph360) 

1 x 60 minute coaching physical activity

1 x 60 minute coaching mindfulness/yoga/meditation

1 x 60 minute group coaching call

Ongoing access to private FB group

What my clients are saying

" Liz is a warm and enthusiastic coach. She clearly and patiently worked with me throughout our session."

I love the way she held space for both deep inner work and practical tips to help with my concerns. She combined the freedom and flow of women connecting on a deep spiritual level with the intention and purpose of setting concrete plans in place for me.


I feel confident that with her advice I can work on the underlying beliefs that hold me back and also take the next steps to my goals.  I felt super comfortable and able to express myself with Liz. Thanks for a session full of laughter and wonderful advice."

– Alysia

"Liz was calm, patient and made helpful suggestions to facilitate our session."

Liz is such a natural, warm, articulate human being she put me at ease immediately. Liz took me on a journey that was both revealing and nurturing. I was challenged to seek my deepest truths but always supported by her skilled guidance and suggestions.


She was totally accepting and non-judgemental so that I could be as well.  She offered helpful practices that would allow me to continue to explore the boundaries and merging of my feminine and masculine energies.  I now understand better how to recognise and embrace these aspects of my whole self. 

– Katrina

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